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My name is Amanda, however i’ll stick to the name I use on the internet “MadameGrip”. I’m writing this blog because I eager to get it out. I eager to get my thoughts out on the internet so people can read it, and might also learn something from it. I have three topic I would like to cover today.

World of Warcraft – My experiences, good and bad.
Roleplaying – Why do I even RP?
The Community – What does the Community even do to me?

World of Warcraft…

It all began in 2005, I was introduced to World of Warcraft by my boyfriend who was already level sixty. I made an Undead Rogue because I like the Assassin stylish… Aaaand I was told they were a good class to play.. Which was true!
However, I instantly got addicted to the game. It was very very attractive and I just had a routine to log on every day and play, level up. Getting better.. And ofcourse, kill everyone on my path.
Back when I started with WoW, I actually never played anything else, except Sims on the Computer.. So I quickly transformed from a fresh-air addict, to A Computer addict. I started bouncing off real life events in order to participate raids. I ate my dinner at the computer, if I had a raid. My boyfriend started to notice that I was becoming a WoW addict, and tried to get me away from wow. Which helped. I left the game in 2006 and didn’t start before 4 months after the beginning of the burning crusade. My boyfriend was officer in a top guild on the server, and decided to invite me as Holy Paladin (I rolled Blood elf paladin hurp durp). I healed through Tempest Keep & Serpentshrine Caverns.
And we started to “LAN” together when raiding and we actually managed to become good players.

However, I was then introduced to Private servers. Got invited to RenegadeWoW back when tier 5 was the top gear. And I met these “Arcane” Hunters.. Which is basicly a Hunter with mage Tier 3 gear. Ugh I fell in love with private servers.. Somehow you got to be what you couldn’t be on retail, which was a complete conquerer of the universe. Anyway.. I quitted private servers because they started to become ragefests. All private servers was full of insulting brats who couldn’t take a loss. If you beat them, they insulted. (Still like that in some cases, but the community has grown up slightly ).

Anyway, let’s do a timejump. We’re in 2010 now, and I joined MMOwned again, after 2 years without it. I joined because I’ve seen the project “epilogue” with their custom cities etc. I quickly fell in love with the model editing scene, finally a place where I could paint my creativity, and do what I loved the most. Note that I played sims for a reason, and that was because I could build houses & design them.

This quickly reflected into model editing, I tried to catch up by readin guides. Toyoka’s guide was the one that got me started. (big props <3) – Anyway, Building stuff in World of Warcraft was probably the best thing in my life. The universe of World of Warcraft (of of of), is a truly magic universe, and being a "demigod" and creating your own part of this universe, is the best thing ever.

However, this leads us into where Roleplaying became my new proffesion.


So as I said. I heard about the Project “Epilogue”.. However I discovered it too late. And it was shut down.. Then suddenly on youtube while watching blizzcon 2009 videos, I spotted a video called “Prologue Trailer” – I clicked it, and saw this very nice expanded Goldshire. Suddenly I found an urge to RP. And I went to Prologue to check it out.
So I made an account and made a character, found out I had to unlock it with a background on the website, and when that was dealt with I logged on and I was a “common” human warrior, i.e not a soldier but a citizen.
I always Enjoyed RP’ing a casual, or common as it’s called. I then quitted Prologue because it had more PvP then actual RP, and 80% of the RP’ers there, were demi-gods.
However, I then joined SirFranc’s RP server, Chronicles of Azeroth. And it was far more relaxing, and chill RP rather than 5 kings fight over factions that doesn’t exist. And i’m still RP’ing there.

I play a Paladin, and I must admitt there are many paladin RP’ers out there, who simply do not know how to roleplay a paladin. Sometimes I even go /ooc and tell them to go away, because they are horrid.
But I can’t expect everyone to read the virtues before they make a character… Or well I can.. xD

And this brings us into the last topic.

The Community

Now this topic will include my Point of View on all communities. WoW, MMOwned and RP

Now the WoW community has been annoying ever since Burning Crusade was introduced.. Getting spammed all the time because the guild has videos and you appear to be the ONLY girl they have ever seen in their life, which sometimes makes me wonder if I should just act like a guy. Anyway there are also good things! The very small portion of the community that I got to be friends with, have the best friends in the world. i.e they are there when you need them, and i’m trule happy about that. I can’t imagine myself, how I would be if I wasn’t introduced to wow.

Anyway the community in the model editing section however, really had a big impact on my life lately, It brought me into a deep depression (and yes I think it’s okay to be official about it). However Franc and my irl friend, was there and aided me when I needed it the most, and I love them for it <3.

Anyway the RP community.. It is kinda good, but cataclysm ruined the retail RP. If you want to be a true RPer now, you have to seek older versions of wow. There is no way you can explain that suddenly after thousands of years of existance, that the trolls just out of nowhere learned to shift into a bat. or an undead runs around with a dog since we all know that dogs eat bones.

However I will end this by saying that, this is the last post I will make on mmowned. And i’ll probably be mocked to hell with it, but I’m used to that on this forum.

Goodbye & thanks for the great times to:

LIMEEE, SirFranc, Hypnotoad, 2dGreenGiant, Zoidberg, Newtech, Tobii, Stoneharry, Herbalism, Kingsquid And if I forgot something, you know I ❤ you too xD

/signing out

“MadameGrip” – Amanda Ghositt.

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